Bob's New book

Enough Money to Live On:

Making Smarter and Simpler Decisions for Stress-free Retirement

By Bob Kaye

Not having enough money to live on is a concern that has been voiced repeatedly by those getting closer to retirement. In working with such people for over 25 years, a common denominator arose which resolved so much of this worry, opening the door to planning for a retirement which is free from unnecessary stress and apprehension.

It has become more and more evident that such a resolution revolves around truly understanding the key individual words and terms connected and integral to the subject.

This book and its unique approach resolves the confusions, the misconceptions and the root of the problem so you have enough understanding to act and live a life with enough money to live on.

“Having all of the basics of financial security fully and simply outlined in How to Avoid Not Having Enough Money to Live On After Retirement certainly makes understanding the entire subject much less challenging!” – Amanda Cassar, author of Financial Secrets Revealed.

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