Advisory Services

Planning for
Enough Money To Live On

Business Continuation

Oftentimes arrangements for business continuation are defective or non-existent. It is important that the correct type of purchase and sale agreement is created and that any insurance involved is held correctly in the proper titling to ensure that excessive estate and income taxes are not unnecessarily incurred, should an unforeseen death occur.

Estate Conservation at Death

Incorrect arrangement of assets, improper titling, inadequate or non-existent trusts not properly coordinated with wills, improper amounts and types of life insurance, all can contribute to often significant increases in taxes unnecessarily, had such been handled ahead of time.

Tax Strategies

The incessant changing of tax laws by the IRS resulting in new tax acts being passed on a regularly recurrent basis makes it important to keep up with all aspects of taxation and tax savings available. Accountants can be helpful with this area in tax returns but frequently due to the mammoth number of tax laws and specialties, can’t cover it all as many specialists likely would be involved.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning Employee retirement plans have become increasingly complex in keeping with IRS regulations which change frequently, and there are now a wide array of plans to choose from often more than one plan being needed at a time. Being set up with an incorrect plan can cost considerable tax savings as well as wasting effort improperly directed.

Personal Investment/Wealth Accumulation and Protection

Improper investment choices, not discerning between short term and long term investment goals, lack of correct advice in times of down markets, all can cost dearly in terms of future retirement potential for business owners.